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St. Vincent's St. Clair Interventional Pain Treatment Center assists patients with the treatment of acute and chronic pain. The center uses a variety of procedures to treat pain and provide patients with relief. Treatments may help patients decrease the frequency and intensity of the pain, decrease the dependency on narcotics, increase motor function, resolve sleeping disturbances, and improve their overall quality of life.

St. Vincent's St. Clair Interventional Pain Treatment Center treats patients with diagnoses
such as:

• Arachnoiditis
• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Genital/Rectal Pain
• Osteoarthritis
• Facet Syndrome
• Spinal Stenosis
• Spondylolisthesis
• Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
• Sacroiliac Syndrome
• Occipital NeurolgiaPiriformia Syndrome
• Spinal Scar Tissue
• Foraminal Stenosis
• Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
• Vertebral Compression Fractures
• Disc Herniation
• Abdominal Pain
• Trigeminal Neuralgia
• Neck Pain
• Pelvic Pain
• Back Pain
• Headaches/Orofacial Pain Syndromes
St. Vincent's St. Clair Interventional Pain Treatment Center uses treatment procedures such as:
• Sphenpalatine Ablation
• Cryoneurolysis
• Peridural Adheslolyls
• Discography
• Intrathecal Infusion Therapy
• Epiduroscopy
• Facet Intra-articular Steroid Injection
• Selective Epidural Steroid Injections
• Facet Diagnostic Medial Branch Block
• Sympathectomy
• Selective Nerve Root Blocks
• Facet Radiofrequency Neurotomy
• Spinal Cord Stimulation
• Vertebroplasty
• Intrathecal Pumps
• Coblation Nucleoplasty
• Trigeminal Nerve Ablation
• Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

On the Day of Your Procedure
Please note that your arrival time is approximately two hours prior to your scheduled procedure time. All patients are scheduled on a "To-Follow" basis to allow for fluctuations in actual procedure time. Your procedure will be performed upon completion of those scheduled ahead of you. Please let us know if you feel that your wait has been excessive. Expect to spend three hours in the unit from the time that you are admitted to the time you are discharged.

Parking is available for patients and visitors in front of the hospital and on each side of the hospital.




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