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Nuclear Medicine

Before You Arrive
If you are scheduled for a bone scan, MUGA, lung V/Q, Renogram with Lasix or Renogram with no Lasix, no special preparation is necessary.
If you are scheduled for a HIDA Plain, HIDA Sincalide/CCK, Schillings Part 1, Cardiolite/Sestamibi GXT, or Thallium GXT, please do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your test.

If you are scheduled for a Thyroid I-123 (2 day) or a Thyroid Technetium (1 day),
you must:

• not have had x-ray dyes in the past four to six weeks,
• be off PTU four days prior to the test,
• be off Tapezol 14 days prior to the test,
• be off Synthroid six weeks prior to the test,
• be off Cytomel 14 days prior to the test,
• be off Lavoxel six weeks prior to the test.

Where to go
St. Vincent's St. Clair performs Nuclear Medicine procedures in the Radiology Department on the first floor of the hospital.

Parking is available for patients and visitors in front of the hospital and on each side of the hospital.

Financial Arrangements
If you do not have insurance, please contact the Business Office prior to your admission at (205) 338-3301 (ext. 157) and ask for a financial counselor. Call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Based on your insurance coverage, you may be asked to pay your deductible or co-pay at the time of registration. Payment can be made using cash, check or credit card.


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