St. Vincent's Maternity Services

St. Vincent's Women's and Children's Center offers spacious, innovative birth suites that allow us to provide single-room maternity care. In the past, mom had to switch rooms for the postpartum phase of care; now, all care takes place in one spacious, beautifully decorated room. Features include a loveseat that folds out for dad, a family member, or a special friend to spend the night.

In addition to birth suites, the Center includes triage rooms for monitoring women who think they may be in labor, operating and recovery rooms for Cesarean sections, and a Lactation Center. Nearby is St. Vincent's Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for babies who require further medical care. And plenty of convenient parking is located just beneath the building for easy access to all services.

Our services also include newborn hearing screenings. Perinatal education classes are provided by the Wellness Services.

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You can also take a tour of our birth suites in BabyWorld.